By: Focks

Macaroni – Cumin

I use cumin all the time in all sorts of meals and spreads. Put it in mustard? Bam spicy mustard. Put it in your breakfast eggs? Bam spicy breakfast eggs. Put it in your Macaroni? Bam, so good Macaroni. Trust me, put it in there.

Sex Life – Cum in.

One of the big movements right now that you will hear all over the radio and tv is, “Use a Condom”! While condom usage can be valuable in stopping std’s as well as child creation, it also takes away the momentary pleasure of skin on skin eruption. Not to mention the subsequent real life terror that you may or may not have made a life changing decision. If you want to spice up your sex life, go ahead and try cumming inside of your partner instead of in the thankless rubber that’s as superficial as your whore’s fake tits. Bam, so good. Trust me, put it in there.


Macaroni – Thyme

Although subtle in flavor, Thyme is often overlooked in its value as a Macaroni add on. Now you may be saying, “Balderdash! The restaurants I peruse use only the finest thyme in their pasta dishes.” To which I would say, “Stop focking talking like that you british butthole”. The macaroni I’m talking about is the kind you make at home, for your kids, (or for your husband/wife if you’ve been married longer than a year.) Also, stop ordering Macaroni when you go out to eat. Don’t be 8 years old anymore.

Sex Life – Time

Many will say that time can be thought of in two ways when it comes to your sex life. One being the amount of time you have sex in a given session and the other, sex getting better with time, as you grow older and more in love. For this example I want to focus on the true one, sex sessions. The longer you can go without the puff the longer your brain is tricked into the “beauty” of the muff. In layman’s terms, Once you cum get out the rum because shame is quick to claim.

sexy cinnamon

Macaroni – Cinnamon

Exotic and different? Yes. Worth it? Yes.

Sex Life  – Cinnamon

Exotic and different? Depends on how many times you’ve hired her. Worth it? Probably never.

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