Last Thursday’s Quidditch Match, The Other Story.


I know, I know, we all can’t stop talking about the scandal late in last Thursday’s grudge match but as my article pointed out earlier this week… The US Quidditch rulebook clearly states:  

Yes. Illegally carrying a ball off of the pitch is a back to hoops offense, while illegally throwing a ball off of the pitch is a yellow card offense (7.2.5.).

But that’s not what this week’s article is about.  In fact, a number of almost unremarkable events is what has me feverishly pounding out these tasty sentences.

Event 1: The Change of Plans  It wasn’t anything out of the ordinary, like I said before… almost unremarkable.  I was asked by my editor to interview a group of half bloods who were traveling by foot to attend the evening’s game.  I know, big deal right!  But turns out they were using just their feet and legs to raise awareness of their efforts to boycott the new “Harry Potter World” in Orlando.  And yes… that’s how far the walk was.  Orlando to Charlotte without a twitch of Magic.  I know what you’re thinking… that isn’t “unremarkable”.  But it turns out, I just found this out today…  the leaders wife was caught shoplifting at Publix and and they didn’t have enough cash to bail her out so they decided to stay, I guess.  But put yourself in my shoes, as much as I love Quidditch, I hadn’t even planned on being at the match that night, so when they didn’t show I was a bit annoyed.  And before you ask, I had plans with my now not so secret boy toy Frederick.  He wasn’t too upset we got to go to the game and was rather relieved when he didn’t have to entertain the troop of boycotting shoplifters.  Besides, we plan on visiting Harry Potter World in the Fall and I don’t think he could have held his tongue on that ditty.

Event 2: The Bump In  Now that Frederick and I have been “public” the intimate knowledge of our bed play has not lost its excitement though I do miss the secret looks.  Instead we find ourselves having the same mostly awkward conversation when making official introductions to our now coupled citizenship to my friends or his friends.  It was just this kind of conversation that happened when we bumped into the daughter of my old potions master…. Or so I thought.  I had tutored with her in my youth and was always so jealous of her poise and the way she could so easily talk back to her father.  I was terrified of that old goat.  Anyway, promptly after surprisingly “bumping in” and  greeting her, I turned to Frederick to begin another coupled introduction, Frederick was laughing and lunged at my old tutor with a hug that I could tell meant they must have been childhood friends.  And it turns out I was right!  

Event 3:  The Other Bump In  I really can’t go into detail on this last even, but let’s just say the rest of Thursday night, my tutor taught me a “back hoops offence” that will keep Frederick and I at that “new exciting stage” for a long time to cum.  And yes, I meant “long” exactly how you thought I did.  
Happy Wizarding!

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