Tim Cook To Step Down As CEO Of Apple!


By: Fock

Huge news out of Silicon Valley today as Tim Cook, CEO of Apple and Steve Jobs hand picked successor, announced his resignation to a shocked world.

When Steve Jobs realized his health was deteriorating, he began grooming the man that would step in and take the place of one of the greatest visionaries of all time. Many believed it was impossible to achieve what Jobs had mastered over his short life, but Tim Cook bravely and humbly took the reigns with a goal of carrying on his predecessor’s legacy.

Not even a decade later, Cook has called it quits. Those close to Cook have implied that with the release of the iPhone 7 to mediocre reviews and the laughable decision to do away with a headphone jack was ultimately Cook’s demise, although Cook denies that poor performance has anything to do with his decision to part with Company.

In a press conference held shortly after his announcement, Cook thanked the millions of loyal customers that blindly bought every single thing that Apple produced over his tenure. He said he was flabbergasted to see such unwavering devotion to products that are “overpriced” and “light years behind its competition.”

During follow up questions, Cook admitted that although he loved running the Giant tech company, his real passion of being a chef was his next goal.


Sources now saying Tim Cook has signed with the LOGO network to produce a new cooking show called “Cook with Cook”. He will make his first promotional appearance on Jimmy Fallon’s Late Night talk show and will mainly use apples in his featured dishes.

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