A Poem For Losers

By: Fock

It sucks to be a loser

No one knows your name

You look around for adulation

And play the stupid game


It sucks when you aren’t noticed

Just because you’re average at best

You try to hone your only skill

But look just like the rest


It sucks to be in public

You feel like you have to perform

You want to appear as if you’re great

But come off as the norm


It’s sucks to be alone at night

It sucks to have no friends

But it’s safer than going out in the open

Trying to keep up with trends


It sucks when you see people you know

Have multitudes of success

You try to act happy and give them a pat

But deep down you’re depressed


It sucks when good things happen to you

Because the bad seems much more clear

You’d rather have nothing happen at all

And just drink shitty beer


But you know what also sucks as well

Being on the other side

Cuz all the losers want to be you

And when you’re famous you can’t hide


See losers want to be winners

But winners hate life too

And when you realize everyone sucks

You might not feel so blue

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