A Letter to Hugh… This Election, Jimmy’s 23rd Bday and Crystal’s Meth.

Hey Hugh,

Watched that Old Republic trailer. Balllller bro. Make that into movie. I’d watch that.

I’ve about had it with this election. Not so much Hill and Donny, they are hilarious. I’m talking about all the policy and morality experts on social media. Do people even realize how stupid they come off? Trying to explain why they would/wouldn’t invade Syria. Laying out their plans for immigration, and refugees, and policy, and actually believing they have the answer. I don’t know what the fock is going on. I’ve read the same “articles” they read and I can honestly say, “Thank God my job is to just make fun of everyone.” I dunno bro. Why can’t we just marvel in the beauty that is the personalities we get to watch all day through various news mediums. Ripe fodder. Enough.

Hey, how about Jimmy’s Bday party a couple nights ago? Right? Told you it was gonna be epic. I can’t believe we got him to do the Bday Shot Bonanza. 23 shots of Absinthe really will fock you up. Anyway, wanted to let you know I won’t be able to make his funeral tomorrow morning. But he will be there in spirit… Hehe.. Get it? Shit. That’s to soon.

Last thing. If you get a chance will you stop by Crystal’s house and tell her to stop making that Meth in the tub. She needs to understand that it’s not clever marketing just because of her name.


Catch you later.



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