Bombshell Leaked Documents show Trump Campaign creation of FCNA “Federal Commission for News Authenticity”. Rush Limbaugh tapped to take helm.

November 11/27/2016

Breaking – Washington D.C.

New documents leaked in recent online Washington hack show the upcoming White House administration scrambling to create a Commission to fight “Fake News”. The rise of “Fake News” is what many conservatives, right wingers and tea partiers see stemming from what they claim is the media’s liberal agenda that it continues to push through an increasingly connected world. Some of the verbiage included in the document is as follows.

Monitor and censor all news spread on Social Media by the liberal media organizations…” (Article II: page 4)

“Create system for verifying news sources. These verified sources will be labeled ‘acceptable’ and ‘truthful’…” (Article III: page 8)

“Creation and levy of ‘freedom tax’ on all unverified news sources…” (Article V: page 11)

The commission would be put into action by executive order and is rumored to convene for its first meeting sometime in 2017. The document also goes on to name Rush Limbaugh as it’s first choice as Committee chair and includes various other known names to fill out the committee itself, including:

  • Milo Yiannopoulos – Chief Secretary
  • Ted Cruz – Authenticator
  • Sean Hannity – Authenticator
  • Matt Drudge – Counsel
  • Ann Coulter– Twitter News Ambassador
  • Matt Walsh – Facebook News Ambassador
  • Allen West – Authenticator
  • Ben Carson – Medical News Specialist
  • Pat Buchanan – Global Representative
  • Dick Cheney – Washington Coalition Representative
  • Mike Huckabee – Counsel on Social Media Integration


The commission is rumored to be a 5 year special appointment coming directly from the White House. Also, How great is Satire.

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