Josh Duggar Unveils New Plans for 2017

By: Fock

Josh Duggar, originally of TLC’s 427 kids and counting, or whatever, recently made public some news that should put him right back in the heart of conservative circles. In a statement to the Arkansas press, Duggar laid out his plan to rededicate his life to the Lord and be an inspiration to those that are sinners just like him.

Thank you all for coming out today. I mean, not coming out like gay. That’s a sin. I just mean like coming out here, to listen to me speak.

It is no lie that it has been a rough year for my wife, my kids and my family, but it’s been an especially rough year for me. I never guessed this is what life would look like just because of bad choices I made. To have an entire nation hate you even after privately rectifying things with male church leadership is something I wouldn’t wish on my worst enemy. It has been very trying, learning to trust those people around me that I thought were my friends, only to have them turn on me when the going got tough.

But through these trials, I feel that I have come out the other end harder and stronger than ever before. I’ve learned things directly that I can hopefully pass on to others that may struggle with similar sins. While in therapy I learned how easy it is to be seduced by women. I realize now the importance of the denim skirts the women in our lives wear and how that is one of the biggest avoidances to the problems I’ve experienced. To be honest, I got lax on what I told my wife and girls they could wear. Anna sometimes even wore sweatpants around the house. Well I put a stop to that. Sometimes it’s just really beneficial to go back to your roots. Thanks Mom and Dad!

Another thing I did was put a filter on our family computer. And in an effort to be held accountable, I shared the password with God. And I told him, God, don’t let my kids or wife see the things I’ve seen. Luckily, at this point, having been exposed to this crud already, I feel that God has put me in a really unique place to protect my family.

This leads me to my big announcement about how I want to spread these personal life lessons to the world and not just impact my family. With that said, In January of 2017, I will be opening a new rehab center for current and former prostitutes and pornstars. We will be moving into my old used car business location and will be called, “Helping Hands Haven”. While we will treat all women interested in our offerings, we will focus mostly on those woman who don’t want to be here. Those women that see nothing wrong with where they are in life. This, I feel, is my calling. We want to teach these women the dangers of wearing worldly clothes and the pressure it puts on the men who see them. We want to teach these women that through obedience to the scriptures in addition to our correct interpretations of said scriptures, we can help shelter them from experiencing the  pain my family went through.”
Josh Duggar’s Press team could not be reached for comment.


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