aside A Letter to Fock (3): Macabre Fairytales

Hey Fock,

You know how sometimes we talk about predicting the next hot internet sensation?  I might have found a good one to bet on.  If only we could actually place bets on these predictions, like when we called it for Guy Fieri.  Anyway, I found someone who is just kicking off a project and frankly, you might want to recruit him for the Fock kingdom.  This dude (Darren Webb) has some dark and twisted ideas that I know you’re going to dig.  He promises to post a new bizarre fairytale style story on the 13th of every month.  The first one just dropped and it is spellbinding.   Looks like this short story project will only be posted to Facebook.  As an added bonus he is also going to be illustrating an image to go along with each story.  The first one is called… “The Glass Girl”.

Go check it out here: 13 Stories That You Should NOT Read To Your Children

This image will make more sense after you read Story #1.


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