Orange and the American Way – A Poem

By: Fock


Tomorrow the Orange will legally be recognized

Surrounded by beauty and also a bunch o’ guys.

And thousands of protesters will yell and smoke pot,

While red hatted hard heads sing praise like you thought.


And hands will hold Bibles while Bibles support tiny hands

and this will be broadcast across all the lands.

Some will then signal this is the end of the world.

And others will dream of the gold and of pearls.


Celebrities will use their super smart brain,

And people will follow them right down the drain.

And Orange will sound like an advanced 2nd grader,

and will stand by his nonsense both now and then later.


Women will March demanding inclusion,

but still exclude other Women saying there is no fusion.

And some men will reach for all the vagine’s,

claiming it fits with the American dreams.


Some bands will then play, it’s how they make money,

and some will drop out which is real focking funny.

Some news, with no bias, will paint the day black,

While other news, with no bias, will claim order is back.



And on and on, the population divides,

And all the sheep in the flock will pick one of two sides.


And then in a while the pendulum will reverse,

And those that are happy will revert back to a curse.


And over and over the cycle drags on,

while deeper and deeper the crack will become.

And this is the answer we’ve deemed works the best,

Blatantly claim you know better than the rest.


We never back down and we never listen,

because once its on Facebook we reinforce our position.

And we plagiarize comebacks, which can always be found,

And the debates aren’t debates, just words shared around.


But it ain’t gonna change, It’s the American way,

Believe whatever you want, just don’t be gay

And don’t have a faith

And don’t do drugs

Yes do do drugs

Bake a cake

Don’t bake a cake.

Start a war

Don’t start a war

Give me free shit

Shit ain’t free

Your shit is free

No it’s not I paid money for the food I ate and then it turned into shit

What did you eat?

A burger.

Was it organic?

No it was fast food.

You should eat organic.

I will eat what I want.

You ate meat? Fock you.

Fock you!

Oh yeah? Well fock you.

Fock you back!

I win.

I’m the smartest.

I know it all.

I know what’s best.

Shut the Fock up everyone.

Oh you agree with me?

You’re cool.















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