Hollywood’s Innovative Fix for Ending Movie Series That Just Won’t Die.

By: Fock

We’ve all been there. Snuggled into our couches, getting ready to Netflix binge on the new season of “whatever the hit show we have been sucked into” happens to be. Season 1 was confusing, Seasons 2 was great, Season 3 made you believe you had a new all time favorite show. But then, without fail, you excitedly start Season 4. Believing it will be different this time. Believing that the story was always thought out this far, long before they started filming. Then you watch it and it sucks. What’s worse, you’ve invested so much of your time in the show you feel compelled to keep watching. And when you finish Season 4 you go right onto Season 5, knowing full well the pointlessness of your decisions. You are addicted to actual shit. Still you start season 6, all the while having mini panic attacks each time the opening theme plays. It gets more and more unbearable every time. It is at this point that they announce that season 7 will be the final season and you jump for joy because the pain is close to being over. Who are we kidding though, you still watch season 7.



There is big news ruminating around hollywood recently that would point to not only an acknowledgement of the problem, but an innovative and likely effective fix to spare the consumers seasons of wasted time. In fact, it is ingenious.


The idea is to gauge audience interest and consumption of each individual series. (Something already done through “ratings”). At the first sign of trouble, the network or studio in charge will immediately fire it’s producers, directors and small part actors and replace them with M. Night Shyamalan. It is estimated that the show will shut down within 3 episodes. Everyone hates M. Night Shyamalan.

*Seriously though, what was this movie.


Good job Hollywood. Maybe you do still have some life in you.


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