Claiborne County Man Embarrassed Everytime He Eats At Restaurant

By: Fock

Eating out is one of America’s favorite pastimes. We really have mastered the art of spending billions, if not trillions of dollars a year paying others to make our food.


Sometimes it’s just a quick bite, while other times we want to take a special someone out for an upscale night on the town.

What no one talks about however, is a problem that affects 1 in 3 men over the age of 18.

Bill Forsythe, of Claiborne County, Tennessee, knows all too well the anxiety that accompanies him into every sit down restaurant he visits.

You know, I figured I’d feel better about it at some point in my life.” he quietly explained when we caught up to him at a semi-fine dining establishment. “But without fail, every time it is my turn to order, I am just racked with embarrassment.

We asked Bill what was so embarrassing about ordering your meal. He explained it wasn’t necessarily the act of ordering, as much it was what he ordered.

Chicken Fingers” Bill sighed. “Can’t help it. Just always want those chicken fingers.

I asked him if he usually ordered Chocolate Milk with his Chicken Fingers and then he just started crying and left.



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