BREAKING: North Korea’s Plans To Dominate the NBA Circuit One Step Closer To Becoming A Reality

kim jong basketball

By Fock:

For North Korea, nothing is more important than love for Country.

North Korea has been in the news quite a lot lately. The talk of Nuclear war and Kim Jong-un’s drive to be a nation feared is the top headline of every news organization across the globe. His Rhetoric, while blatant and showboating in nature, is something the world is not taking lightly. But the side story here is what is truly interesting.

Just recently, Kim Jong-un filed the necessary paperwork with the NBA to form his own basketball team. It has been rumored that Dennis Rodman’s last visit to the Hermit Kingdom had deeper motives than just diplomacy and Kim’s newest National directive proves when it comes to basketball, there are no boundaries.

While many assume the NBA will deny North Korea’s bid to become dominate on the court, some theorists are calling for a conversation to be had as they believe this may be the ticket to avoiding another World War.

The majority of the filing is private, but we were able to get the transcript of a recent press release from Kim Jong-un himself that gives us a sneak peak into what a North Korean Basketball team might look like.

The great and all powerful North Korean kingdom of awesomeness and true wealth and pure happiness will join the world game of basketball and exemplify it’s strength through means of sportsmanship as well as firepower. The North Korean Nukes will be the greatest of all the basketball teams and show the world it is not just a superpower when it comes to military strength. North Koreans deserve the best things in the world and the best thing in the world besides rockets (not the basketball team the Rockets, just regular rockets) is the holy game of basketball. We are going to ball so hard.”

I guess time will tell if a simple game will transcend the worlds problems and help us all avoid the terrors of World War III.



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