TESLA DEVELOPS CAR WITH NO BRAKES! Recalls all models immediately before production saving company millions.

By: Fock


Futuristic  auto maker, Tesla, just released a news bulletin that effectively changes the way companies will do business forever.

With the recent recall of Samsung’s “Note 7”, consumers are again reminded that companies can and do make mistakes. During a recent event where Tesla’s Elon Musk unveiled his plans for domination of the fourth dimension, he also touched on an idea that was sure to catch the ears of consumers worldwide.

“We are currently developing a new Tesla that will intentionally lack brakes. ”

You heard it here first folks. A brakeless car. Nothing short of futuristic from the prince of the future himself.

“My thought was; What happens to everything that is built? It get’s recalled! So I thought, I will beat the system and develop something that is recalled before it is even produced, thusly cutting out the middle man.

Analyst’s, in awe of Musk’s progressive thinking and pension for stating billion dollar concepts with no actual proof of concept, were equal parts dumbfounded and full of praise.


Rave reviews from the press conference include:

“He said he’d do it so billions of dollars bestowed unto you my Idol.” – Cliff Cuthkunt

“There are great men and then there is Elon. What a great guy!” – Paul Futurehore

“This is unbelievable.” – Scott Smith

“No really. What the fuck is he talking about.” – Scott Smith


Analysts currently estimate the savings associated with Musk’s newest endeavor near 780 Million dollars. Before tax.

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